Monday, April 11, 2011

my superman its my hero

His Eyes Are Staring Into Mine
And Soon I Start To See;
It's Like The Weight I Dragged Along
Has Left Me Room To Breathe.

My Superman, My Hero,
The Reason I'm Alive
Is Standing Right In Front Of Me
And Gave Me Wings To Fly.

With Wings Tattered And Broken,
I Thought This Was The End,
But Then My Superman Came Forth
And Helped My Soul To Mend.

Although The Task Was Difficult,
He Nursed Me Back To Health.
Not Once Did He Complain
That He Did It All Himself.

He's Been There Through The Worst
And He'll Never Leave My Side.
He'll Fight For Me, Relentlessly
Until The Day He Dies.

He Says That He's Not Perfect,
But I Strongly Disagree.
If He's Not Perfect, Then How Did
He Fix A Mess Like Me?

I Don't Know How He Did It,
But There's One Thing That I Know;
He Saved Me From My Enemy,
The Voice That Told Me, "no."

You Are My Shining Star,
For You Gave Me Strength To Stand.
I Love You More Than Words Can Say,
My Perfect Superman.

This Poem Is For lonely boboy, My Amazing man. I Usually Don't Express How Much I Love Him, Simply Because I'm Not Good At It..So I Figured I'd Try To Do It The Best Way That I Know How; In A Poem.

I Love You So, So Much, bie. You're My Everything. <3

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