Monday, April 11, 2011

3 magical words

I LOVE YOU is 3 words of expression
NO always leads to confusion
MAYBE is another suggestion
That means YES if its true emotion

FATE is when I met you
TRUST do you trust me too
TIME is all we have that's true
LOVE is all that I can give you

NOW that you are close to me
KNOW that you will always be
The only one that's right for ME
Its YOU my only memory

I will always try to REMEMBER
EXPERIENCES that we are together
DAYS and NIGHTS that we can share
Know that I'll BE ALWAYS there

thank you for do big surprise for come to my place..(waiting so long)
thank you for eating with me..(u was beside me at anis sup utara)
thank you for walk around with me...(hilang stress)
thank you so much...(more than words)
i really2 eppy n appreciate it..
my dreams really come true...

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