Saturday, February 20, 2010

crazy dream...

to you my beloved....

I had a dream last night that I held you.
And you still seemed as handsome to me.
But when I awoke I found you missing'.
It's just another crazy dream for me.
Crazy dreams linger on as I face an empty
With no end to it all can I see.
For I've surely reached the end.
Lost your love to a friend.
Just another crazy dream for me.
Once you were mine and we were so happy.
I never thought that the end soon would be.
But now that you're gone, and I'm so
It's just another crazy dream for me.


1 comment:

  1. kaDAng-kadAng ALLAH hilaNGKAN MataHari..kiTE tercari-cari dmana MAtahari tu..maLah ALLAH tuRunkan KilaT & gUruh,tp rUpa-rUpanya ALLAH hendak beRIKAN KITE PeLANgI...


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