Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Take Me Away.....

I have always walked alone
Past cross road n living alone
This time u said that u would take me away
To a place where there is only you n me
Like the mystery of how the soil grasps the flower
Like the turbulence of the clouds surrounding the rain
Following behind u
Every step..every shadow..every scene..
That I count
all contains dreams we once had
take me away
to the distant future
take away from me
the loneliness of being by myself
take me away even if my love n your freedom
all turns to ash
I’m not afraid take me away
I have always been walking far alone
I remain silent and refrain from frowning
This time u said we will leave together
And be tender to each other from now on..
The white horse glides pass the dark horizon
The tide suddenly rises n the waves tremble
Freezing on the coast n turning into black ice
The rose tries to reach the sky in the field
The postman delivers a land of rainbow
Carved onto my heart and resonating with my pulse

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